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"Dis, dat, and de uddah"

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The Faeries

First, let me state that my beliefs are my own.  PERIOD.

I think it important that the reader (i.e., you) understand that I am only attempting to outline my beliefs, and that I am not trying to proselytize nor to attempt to influence.  If you are looking for "answers", I truly hope you find them and that my rants herein may help in some manner.

I have to analyze (in retrospect) the events that have taken place to shape my life.  All-in-all, I have been rather fortunate, having survived all of my various ordeals (in which, in order to avoid drama, I will not ask the reader to immerse themselves).  My personal belief at the time of the initial writing of this rant was that there was no way I would have survived these ordeals without a "Guardian Angel" looking out for me.  Hey, it was an interesting idea at the time...

Now, however, I think more as a Scientist than as a Spiritual person.  Casualty of Information Technology for 44 years, perhaps!

As a scientist, I have serious doubts about Astrology, Tarot, Ouija, and the like.  One day while out shopping I purchased a set of forty-four cards called "Healing with the Fairies".  Was it a "supreme being" that guided me to do this?  My Guardian Angel?  The Fairies?  Chance?  I promptly placed the deck of cards in one of my legendary "stacks" and left them there.

Sometime later, perhaps several months, my friend Richard came over from England.  I decided to open the Healing with the Fairies card deck.  I read the instructions, which stated that I should shuffle the deck whilst pondering my "issue" and then deal three cards.  The card on the left depicts my immediate past; the card in the middle is the "hurdle" or issue which I now must resolve; and the card on the right depicts what will happen once that issue is resolved.

Seem hokey?  Seems simple enough to me, and while I did think it may have been hokey, I decided to do what the instructions told me in earnest and see where it took me.  Richard was seated on my right and said nothing whilst I was "Invoking The Fairies".  So I concentrated on my "issue" whilst shuffling the cards for a good three or four minutes.  I then dealt three cards, all of which were face down, and I did not peek at the cards whilst shuffling them (I was shuffling them under the table whilst keeping my eyes on the horizon, as it were).

I dealt three cards.  Needless to say, they "hit the proverbial nail on the head".

My heart stopped.

Richard looked at the three cards, looked at me, and with typical British understatement said, "Well, that's about it then, id'nit?"

Maybe one or more of the fairies is/are my "guardian(s)" - I know not.  What I do know is, that reading took me back a bit, and showed me that maybe not all of the paranormal stuff out there is BS; that maybe some of it has some applicability in my life.

There are 44 cards in that deck.  The mathematical probability of pulling those exact three cards is 1 / (44*43*42) or one-in-seventy-nine-thousand-four-hundred-sixty-four.  Not the best odds.  Okay, better odds than winning the Lottery, but hey, what isn't?

Okay, you say, but I could have pulled three other cards that were just as intriguing.  Yes, but based on my personal situation(s) at the time, trying to pull three cards that are more applicable would have been difficult.

Still skeptical?  Check this out.

About nine months after the first "Faerie Forecast", I did a second one.

Now if the Faerie Forecasts have any continuity, then there are only two possibilities:  (a) I have the same issues, in which case I should get the same forecast; or (b) I have different issues, in which case the previous "current" issue should now be my "prior" issue.  Remember, the first card pulled in the deal is my prior issue and the second card pulled in the deal is my current issue.  So either I deal the same three cards, or the second card from the first deal should be dealt as my first card, which would mean the second card dealt in the second deal is my new "current" issue.

So I turn on some music and begin shuffling.  The music I chose to listen to was "Love Thing" by Joe Satriani from his "Live In San Francisco" album.  I chose this song because it is very moving and I wanted my emotions to flow during this second "forecast" (I thought the stronger my emotions, the easier it would be for the Faeries to "read" them).

As it turned out, the first card I pulled this deal was the second card I pulled during the first "Faerie Forecast".

As you can see, I appear to have "moved on" from my prior issue.  So apparently the "Faerie Forecasts" are consistent.

But then randomness has a consistency too, non?

Mathematically, the probability of pulling the second card from the first deal as the first card on the second deal is one-in-forty-four.  If you think that I got lucky, then fine, that's what you think.  You can believe what you want, because as I stated earlier on this page, I am not trying to change anyone else's beliefs.  I am simply explaining mine.

Since the existence of the Faeries or Guardian Angels cannot be proven scientifically (at this time), whether there are Faeries or not and whether there are Guardian Angels or not are personal beliefs.

Caveat legens.

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