Yvette Seifert Hirth
"Dis, dat, and de uddah"

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Outsourcing Is Killing The USHey

you might well ask the question, "whaddup with all the offshore outsourcing?"

the answer is:  greed.  these execs with their showcase homes have to keep up with their naybores that have even bigger showcase homes, and the entire thing is one big ego trip.  (being female, i have another comparison in mind, but this one will do for now...)  gotta keep those stock options high-priced!

i recently had to call my sat tv vendah and ask them to re-enable one of my sat boxes.  just for curiosity' sake, i asked the person with whom i was speaking, "where are you guys located?"  they told me, "the phillipines".  now, i have no problem with the filipino people (nor any people, for that matter), but why is a sat signal that is ushey only - it cannot even be received by canadians - being supported by people outside the ushey?

the answer is the one above - greed.

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