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The "Protocols Of Zion" Scam

The Big Scam Called The Protocols Of Zion - Where They Really Came From
(Quite Surprising)

You may have already seen a mutation of this analysis elsewhere on the web.  I googled the analysis, did some research, put it into (my) context, and submit it here for your thoughts / amusement.  Hope you like it...

(NB:  The characters "..." represent text i have snipped from a web page i Google'd.  IMHO, this is the definitive example of anti-Semitism.  -YSH-)

The Secret History's (of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion) most important figures are perhaps self-proclaimed Russian mystic Madame Helena Blavatsky and her American husband Colonel Henry Olcott.  The result of their collaboration would thrust the world into the abyss and cost the lives of millions.


In his popular book Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler conveniently used the Protocols of the Elders of Sion to deceptively "prove" that a global conspiracy was afoot - but led by the League of Jewish Rabbis. This stirred massive anti-Semitism that ultimately justified the Holocaust to the German people. Earlier in 1919, the newly formed Thule Society had distributed copies of the controversial Protocols to troops of the White Russian army loyal to the Czar, in an attempt to blame the Jews for the ensuing Revolution. This led to the massacre of 60,000 Jews over two years, and was perhaps the beginning of the Jewish Holocaust. The Rosicrucian Protocols document is still used by neo-Nazi groups throughout the world to stir anti-Semitism and hate. Even today (U.S.) Rebublican David Duke promotes these same anti-Semitic theories on his popular website and continues to blame the Russian Revolution on the Jewish people, regardless of the historical oppression of the Russian people that motivated this conflict. The fact that Jerusalem's Mount Sion/Zion is prophesied (according to St. John's Revelation) as the place of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ is conveniently ignored by these right-wing groups. As is the fact that the premier secret organization dedicated to this Second Coming, albeit through a complex and conflicted view of genetic bloodlines and reactionary socio-political models, is the Priory of Sion.

Although thought by many academics to be a creation of Russian Czar Nicholas II's secret police, to those aware of occult references the Protocols of Sion clearly show the hand of the Grail/Dragon sovereignty. It is likely the Czarists altered the texts to include traditional Jewish terminology that otherwise has no place in what is obviously a Rosicrucian agenda with Jesuit undertones.

The Yiddish word "Goyim" (meaning Gentile) has been inserted in as many places as possible, even in places grammatically inappropriate. Written in a tone of lofty superiority, echoed in the contemporary writings of Nicholas De Vere, the masses are refered to throughout as "the Mob", "bloodthirsty beasts", "alcoholized animals" and "cattle". Passages such as "From the premier-dictators of the day the peoples suffer greatly and bear such abuses, as for the least of them they would have beheaded twenty kings... unification must be achieved only under our Sovereign rule", clearly reveal an embittered post-French Revolution power elite planning to restore the "King of the blood of Sion whom we are preparing for the World".

(Note: the word "goy" in Hebrew / Aramaic means "nation". However, as the word "(Y)Israel" means "jew", "jews", or "jewish nation", the word "goy" can be understood to mean "nation other than Israel; i.e., non-Jews. Nowhere, to my knowledge, is there a perjorative connotation associated with the word "goy".  -YSH-)

Also overlooked in the analysis of the Protocols is their similarity to the little heard of "Secret Instructions of the Society of Jesus", which outline a goal of bringing in a golden age or millenium with the entire world under the authority of the Pope to enable the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Indeed, the Jesuits' Secret Instructions could be considered a prototype of the Protocols of Sion with its rhetoric of subterfuge such as "We must inculcate this doctrine with Kings and Princes, that the Catholic faith cannot exist in the present state, without politics; but that in this, it is necessary to proceed with much certainty. Of this mode, we must share the affection of the great, and be admitted to the most secret councils."

"We must be careful to change our politics, conforming to the times, and excite the Princes, friends of ours to mutually make terrible wars that everywhere the mediation of the Society will be implored; that we may be employed in the public reconciliation... the Society afterwards can count on the favor and authority of the Princes, procuring that those who do not love us shall fear us."

Discovered towards the end of the Holy Roman Empire's Thirty Year War with itself that resulted in France being given part of Alsace and Lorraine (only to be later reclaimed by the Second and Third Empires) and cities ruined and millions dead, the Jesuits' Secret Instructions clearly are an inspirational source for the Protocols of Sion, which would be written 200 years later following the formation of Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite Freemasonry. With passages such as "If the Pope should return as temporal prince of all the properties; for as much as it is very necessary to extend little by little, with much secrecy and skill, the temporalities of the Society; and not having any doubt that the world will enter the Golden Age" there can be no doubt that The Protocols of the Elders of Sion are the work of the Jesuits, the European Council of Princes, and their Rosicrucian allies within 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry. As outlined in the final Protocol "Confirming the roots of King David and the training of the King", the Grail/Christ bloodline conspirators insist that "sensuality worse than all else disorganizes the capacities of the mind and clearness of views" and should not be a quality of their King - thus denying any instinctive connection to his humanity in true Jesuit and Rosicrucian style. There is little in Judaism about the repressing of the senses in order to achieve any kind of kinghood.


Still not satisfied with their origin? Google on "protocols of zion" (surrounded by quotes) and peruse the links for yourself. For those links that believe in this nonsense, study the authors of the pages linked-to and consider their motivation for publishing such nonsense.

This link demonstrates that racism and anti-Semitism has survived and even flourished over hundreds of years. I don't expect them to be resolved in my lifetime.


I find it is the disaffected, the downtrodden, the dysfunctional that cannot accept blame for their failures, that believe in such, at best, sophomoric nonsense as the Protocols. And if you think about the history of their development, truly diabolical minds were at work to create them.

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