Yvette Seifert Hirth
"Dis, dat, and de uddah"

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What I Stand For

i stand for truth, honesty, open and objective communications, philanthropy, and peace.  with special emphasis on "peace".


truth is the all-encompassing factor in my life.  if i don't have my integrity, if my name is worthless, then i am worthless or at the very least horribly crippled until i can restore my integrity and my good name.

if you are negotiating with someone (and "negotiating" can mean anything from selling goods to relationships) and they don't believe you have integrity, or they don't believe they can trust you, then what do you really have?  mistrust.


honesty is also very important to me.  i don't try to bulls**t people.  when i say something to someone, i truly believe i am telling the truth.  after all, the concept of "truth" is a bit subjective:  three people witness a car accident, and despite all of them being honest, each person's recollection will be slightly different.  all of their eyes saw the same thing, but the data from their eyes goes into their optic nerves, and from there into their brains, all of which function differently.

since truth is always a bit subjective, i cannot guarantee 100% that what i tell people is the "truth", but it most assuredly is the truth as i see it.

Open And Objective Communications

we could have world peace if people would stop screaming at each other and discuss things calmly and objectively.  that's all it takes.


without going into specific amounts - which my old friends assure me is trés dégouttée (socially disgusting), i have contributed and continue to regulary contribute to:
  • The Queer Community
  • Womens Educational Needs
  • Drug Rehab
  • Poverty Programs
  • Educational / Outreach (secular) Programs


i consistely vote against war, as war is the most antisocial thing one can do.  i live with my neighbors in peace, because when we have a "beef", i try to objectively understand their position, determine fault (if any), and determine the best way of resolving the conflict.

conflict is inevitable.  you and i will certainly not agree 100% about everything (i'm not even sure i agree with myself 100% of the time).  so there will be conflict.

the trick is to deal with the conflict as soon as possible, so that it does not get worse.  my goal is to ameliorate conflict, not exacerbate it.

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