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Reality v. Belief Systems

As a logician, I use logic every day.  Logic can be defined as "reasoning" if the word "logic" seems too bulky or cumbersome for you to use.

Logic is based on reality; i.e., things that are provable.  Electricity, for instance, is provable.  We can measure it, we can use it, we can feel it (ouch!), it exists, and we can prove it exists.

Supreme beings, however, cannot be proven to exist.  We can believe in them, we can hope / pray / beg / imagine their existence, but we cannot prove that they exist.

Thus, logically speaking, reality is more valid than supreme beings.

It is clearly your right to believe in one or more supreme beings; e.g., "God".  Many of us do, and that is clearly our right.  You can believe in whatever you want.

Further, if you believe that your supreme being has given you instructions, in whatever form, to do this and that, and to not do this and that, that too is your absolute right.

However, a problem can arise when your belief-based supreme being has told you, for example, to not file tax returns.  Every adult has to file tax returns.  No exceptions.

If you do not file tax returns because (you believe that) your supreme being told you to not file tax returns, then you'll be in trouble with the law, which is clear on this issue.

"Reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled."
--Dr. Richard Feynman

Using the "tax return filing" example, it is easy to see that denying reality in favor of a belief system can get you into trouble.  By following belief-system-"based" rules, you can also hurt people, and even if you do not break the law, you can cause pain.

An example in point is, which supreme being(s) (if any) "is/are the only true God(s)"?  This question has been debated for years, millions of people have died because of it, and it is totally illogical.

If anyone could prove that their supreme being(s) exist, then they would be real, and then no one could logically deny that they exist.  After all, you cannot deny something exists if you can prove that it exists.

So all the wars, all the deaths, all the pain and suffering that has been caused throughout "civilization" was caused by non-provable, non-existent supreme beings.

Believe what you want, but remember:  when beliefs conflict with reality, and you place precedence on beliefs, then you can cause pain.  How are we to make the world a better place by causing pain?  We can't make the world a better place by causing pain.

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